College Attendance Solution

Attendance for school & college NFC [Near Field Communication] as a technology has multiple uses. We at Aquil have mastered this technology and exactly know how to make best use of it. Smart School & College Attendance using NFC Technology is an automatic, cost effective & accurate attendance system.

The important components of this system are :- NFC hand held readers [with professors / teachers], Class room tag [each classroom has a unique tag], Professor Tag Student tag.

How does the system work?

  • The professor/teacher enters the classroom and activates the NFC hand-held reader.
  • The application asks for Classroom tag and the professor swipes the classroom tag onto the NFC hand-held reader.
  • Next the application asks to swipe the Professor tag.
  • Now the system has captured the time at which the professor entered the classroom.
  • The application will not begin unless the Classroom & Professor tag is swiped.
  • The professor then passes the NFC hand-held reader to the students and one by one each student swipes their student tag.
  • With this application we have recorded the attendance of Professor, Students and also tracked the classroom.


  • Parents are provided with an online user interface on which they can login and check the daily lecture wise attendance of their children.
  • Parents can receive weekly reports in form of SMS too. This can be triggered by the school admin/authority.

Advantage of This System:

  • Simple, cost effective and reliable automated attendance system.
  • Imparts discipline.
  • Custom reporting.
  • SMS alerts.

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