GPS Vehicle Tracking

If you are a transport fleet owner or a vigilant parent then it's important for us to let you know about our Smart GPS vehicle tracking application. This tracking system can be used for personal vehicle tracking or can also be used by corporates too; our GPS Vehicle tracking solution is an amalgamation of 7 unique features focused towards safety and security.

These features are explained as below :

  • Vehicle Kilometer Report

    Our Smart GPS Vehicle tracking system provides a detailed mileage report on your vehicle and helps save money by enabling you optimize your fuel expenses. To monitor for abuse, actual mileage details can be compared with expenditures on fuel. Fleet managers can heavily benefit by this system when planning to cut working costs.

  • Engine Cut / Remote shutdown / Anti-Theft

    In case of a theft or an emergency it is very important that you have the control of the vehicle in your hand. With our Smart GPS Vehicle Tracking system you are empowered to shut off the vehicles' engine remotely. Once your vehicle has halted you can track the location of your Vehicle using our live tracking system.

  • Speeding Alarm

    If you have set a speeding limit for your children or drivers then its important they they abide by your instructions. The moment your vehicle starts speeding beyond the designated speed our Smart GPS Vehicle Tracking System will send you an SMS. For fleet owners this is a very important feature, as it helps avoid unnecessary accidents.

  • Fuel Level Indicator

    Every penny counts, when you are managing a fleet of 100 vehicles or have a strict family budget. With our GPS tracking system you can monitor your fleet's / vehicles' fuel usage and track fuel refills at the click of a button. Our built-in fuel indicator provides detailed reports on fuel level.

  • Geo Fencing/ Parking Alert

    Timely delivery of goods is one of the most important task for a fleet owner. With our Smart GPS Vehicle Tracking system you can receive an instant alert the minute your vehicle reaches the desired destination or delivers. You can set a geo-alert on our system so that the moment your vehicle reaches a particular area you will receive an SMS. This feature will allow you to plan and inform your customer a tentative time by which their goods will be delivered in case of any delay or emergency.

  • Service Reminder

    Every vehicle needs timely service. With our system you can receive service reminders at customized intervals. You can choose to receive alerts for servicing after your vehicle has covered a certain number of kilometers.

  • Live Tracking of Motor

    Track the movement of your entire fleet and reduce your fleet costs by using our hi-tech online system. With help of our system you locate drivers who are closest to emergency delivery jobs. This system is a boon as it helps you and your fleet manager to improve fleet productivity. Bad practices such as driver idling can also be identified using this feature.

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