Near Field Communication commonly referred to as NFC enables and simplifies exchange of data and wireless connection between the two devices in the proximity of a few centimeters. NFC is a technology that enables the exchange of data, digital content, and also connects the electronic devices easily and simply with a touch. NFC is a short range wireless technology that requires the distance of 4 cm or less. NFC target can be very simple in form such as tags, stickers and card.

NFC tags are typically read-only and can be custom-encoded for specific usage. The tags can have storage capacity of 96 and 512 bytes. The proximity technology used by NFC functions through two loop antennas located in near field to create an air-core transformer. NFC technology is actively used in file sharing, electronic business card, electronic money and mobile gaming. NFC is also used in e-commerce and for enabling higher speed of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The most popular use of NFC is to identify and read the encrypted data ID Cards, Key cards, rental cards etc.

NFC provides solutions to various areas including access control, Healthcare, Consumer electronics, Loyalty and coupons, Information collection and exchange, Payments, Collage Attendance, and School Bus Attendance. NFC is an intuitive and versatile technology to provide security, while enabling access to desired information.

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