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Education Sector

Aquil is working since last many years to provide IT solutions in Education Sector.From all the past expirences the best IT Solutions which we have provided to many renouned colleges and institutes like Bharati Vidyapeeth University, SSPM College Etc. Aquil provides multiple solutions for the Educational Segment. Making use of multiple technologies like GPS, NFC & RFID we have developed Attendance System for Schools and Colleges along with School Bus Tracking and Bus Attendance solutions. Smart Reports and Smart SMS Portal supports these solutions by providing desired reports at a single click of a button.

College Attendance

School Attandence

School Bus Attandence

School Bus Tracking


Real Estate

Aquil provides end to end solutions to Real Estate Companies starting from Logo Desiging, Brochure Designing, Printing, Website Desiging, Virtual Tours, Walktrough and Digital Marketing. Also supporting sales team with our premium sales CRM and other promotional tools that can furnish an enormous boost to a marketing campaign if it is applied appropriately.

Logo Designing

Brochure Desiging


Website Desiging

Virtual Tours

Digital Marketing


Virtual Tour

Aquil is a virtual tour company specilizing in delivering high-quality 360degree virtual tours for websites and multimedia. Aquil serves clients in the HOTELS & RESORTS, REAL-ESTATE, TOURISM, AUTOMOBILE, COLLEGES, SHOWROOMS 4 and other various industries.360 degree photography provides more contextual information and a true-to-life representation as compared to linear video clips or a series of still images.Experience IOS (Ipad , Iphone) ,Android compatable High Resolution virtual tours that are immersive and audience captivating.. its like actually being there!

Real Estate


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IT Services

As our quest for excellence makes us one of the preferred vendors in the industry, we value our association with our clients and vendors. We, therefore strive to create the best suitable solution for your IT requirements. So, if you are searching for a solution to your automation and software requirement then we are willing to Assist you with best of our abilities.

We, provide IT support for the integration of RFID along with software solutions for NFC, GPS, Asset Management, ERP for businesses, IP Cameras, Route management, Station announcements, Police vehicle tracking and toiling, Educational institutions through our IT associates who are experienced and skilled and are determined to provide you with the best of the services in the industry.

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