School Bus Attendance

Aquil uses NFC technology is multiple ways. Along with School & College student attendance system, we have now come up with a unique application called Smart School Bus Tracking using NFC technology.

Most smart tracking and attendance solutions for school & college kids do provide easy attendance tracking system, but it's important to track your child the moment he hops into the bus, until he reaches back home.

The entire process of tracking is explained as below - Every school bus has 1 NFC Hand-held Wireless RFID Reader. The bus driver & the bus attendant have their own Smart NFC ID that will be swiped the moment they hop into the bus. So now we know when the bus started. Each school student also has his own Smart NFC ID. As the school bus approaches a stop, the student hops into the bus and swipes his card on the Wireless RFID Reader. In the same manner every child that hops into the bus, swipes the card and entry time is recorded onto the system.

In the same manner when the student leaves the school premises and hops the bus to go back home, he swipes the card onto the Wireless RFID Reader present in the school bus and school pickup time is recorded on the system.

Every parent has access to an online interface where they can check the Home Pickup time and School Pickup time, additionally our system can also record the Drop at School time and Drop at Home time, but that's optional. Apart from parents, even a representative from the school has access to an online interface, but the difference here is that the school representative can check the pickup and drop time for every student at a global level. Information can be passed to the parents in form of SMS also.

This system ensures complete safety of your child right from the time he leaves home and reaches back home. Apart from security, this application is robust, accurate and worth its cost.

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