Custom Software Development

Software Development is a term meaning basically computer programming of maintaining the source codes. It usually contains scripting, computer languages and a formatted, researched approach. At Aquil we have expert team who are involved deeply into this research and technical work, prototyping, re-engineering, maintenance and re-use. We offer good custom software for clients, specific software for some certain type of purpose which is common but not very common and personal software, which is made say for example, a scientist who wants to do a monotonous, difficult task as per the requirement of our esteemed clients.

Software development is a comprehensive term which includes a lot of software's which is developed, created and formulated for the running and maintenance, in fact launching of website, portals. Institutions like schools, colleges, data warehouses and now various sectors require supporting software as a part of their Infrastructure. Today not only IT firms but a range of huge business houses and institutions require some systematic and technical approach to a lot of aspects like data entry and maintenance, professional networking, and more. This includes supporting technologies like languages, databases and more. Some portal supporting software's, APIs, additional recharge software's, mobile supporting software's, we, at Aquil, have a number of them for our clients in all sectors of business.

Custom ERP end-to-end development

Solutions by Aquil can provide you with a customized application to integrate various business modules and an evolved business process. Robust, tailor made application will give you complete command over different business points. While providing solution to all your process requirements, custom ERP application by Aquil-Solutions will reduce business cycle time, will increase speed, efficiency and productivity, reduce operating cost and will also support strategic planning. ERP application will bring all aspects of your business such as, planning;manufacturing; marketing and sales onto a single platform to give you improved control on your enterprise.

To give your business a technological edge and to automate your enterprise with a custom ERP application, write in to us at