Student Tracking Application

Aquil Student Tracking Applicationis new age, high tech tracking system, making the ID-Card swiping an obsolete method of attendance tracking. The Aquil Student Trackingis designed and integrated with the latest technology to track the unique IDs and the movement, without getting bothered to queue up to swipe in and out the IDs at the entrance. The unique code embedded with each Aquil Student TrackingID card is tracked through the high tech device installed at the entrance of the premises. The in-built messaging system triggers the message to the listed mobile number with the details and time of the movement. Compact in size and easy to carry, Aquil Student Tracking ID cards are weather proof and safe without any harmful radio-active waves.

Technology View:

  • Every School with Aquil Student Tracking Application will have a high-tech reader and antenna / antennas installed at the entrance to track the IDs and their movement.
  • The tracking device will be connected to the main servers within the same premise or through a VPN connection.
  • The servers in the premise will further be connected to high speed SMS gateway server through internet.
  • SMS servers may have multiple mobile service providers for SMS delivery.

Practical View:

  • As soon as there is a movement of Aquil Student Tracking ID cards, entering or leaving the premise, it will be captured and registered by the system instantly.
  • There will be alert duplication check by the system to avoid confusion, and the alert will be triggered to the registered number.
  • The system will match the unique ID with the user details.
  • The movement alert will be triggered while entering or leaving the premise.

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